Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Today has been a busy day!  We had lab collection, lab review, doctor visit, platelet transfusion, and then a bone marrow aspiration.  We are running all over MD Anderson today and spending lots of time in the waiting rooms all over this hospital!

Marty's counts for the day are:

White blood cell count, 0.1 ( Normal is between 4.0 - 11.0), this indicates that he has very little immune system, which is expected because of the chemo.
Hemoglobin count, 9.0 (normal is 14.0 - 18.0), his is low but not low enough to need a blood transfusion.  Anything under 9.0 would require a transfusion
Platelet count, 14,000 (normal is 140,000 -440,000), still too low and he required a platelet transfusion of 1 unit.  But this is good news because it was at 14,000 even after going all day Saturday and Sunday without a transfusion.  Hoping this indicates that his levels are going up!

Talked to the doctor and he will be getting a second round of chemo shortly (not sure of the time frame yet) and we will need to stay in Houston for another month for that. Please be praying for us, because we no longer have any income and our savings is about used up.  We will be applying for disability and Medicaid at the end of the month, but if we qualify, it won't kick in for a month or more.  So finances are about to get really tight.  We are walking in faith knowing that God will provide for our needs, but it's a scary step not knowing where the money we need for groceries, bills, etc will come from.

We really like our doctor and we have discovered that she uses essential oils herself and she was excited to hear that we are using them ourselves and that Marty is using them as part of his cancer treatment.  Proof that God puts the right people in our path as we need them.

Marty got a blood platelet transfusion of 1 unit today.

Right now I am sitting in the waiting room while he is getting his bone marrow biopsy. It is nearly 6:30 so we have spent another full day here at MD Anderson. As soon as he is done we will go get something to eat. We have to be over here again bright and early in the morning. 

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  1. That's great that your dr uses and is supportive of essential oils !
    --Cher A.