Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014 - Morning

Sorry no post yesterday, I was kept busy running around getting ready for Marty's release today. 

YESTERDAY:  his platelet levels were up to 6,000.  He had a platelet transfusion and a blood transfusion, one unit of each.  NO CHEMO!  My parents brought the boys down to see us. Plus brought the camper so we are all set up in a nice RV park close to the hospital.  We will remain here in Houston as an out patient for the next 30 days.  My parents took me around for groceries and such, so we would have what we need for a few days.  We do not have a car here in Houston at this point, so we will be relying on the RV Park's shuttle service or public transportation (taxi or bus).  Not a biggie, but inconvenient.  Had a good visit with my parents and the boys.   I got checked off on changing the caps of Marty's port and flushing them daily.  I still have to get checked off to change his bandage over the port, should get that done this week or early next week.

TODAY:  Marty's platelet levels were up at 6,000 again this morning.  He will be getting one unit of platelets today before we leave.  Got a whole list of prescriptions to get filled.  One of them, for just a month's supply is over $4,000!  Talk about sticker shock!!  Still working on getting all the stuff together that financial aid needs to see if we qualify.  For now, they are going to let us get his prescriptions for $5 each, but if we end up not qualifying, we will have to pay the full price.   I am just going to trust the Lord to provide for our needs, there really isn't much else we can do at this point.  It is humbling, but are certainly getting a good lesson in trusting the LORD!  Marty is being released today and we will be living in my parent's camping trailer in a local RV park for at least the next 30 days here in Houston.  Not sure when they will release him today, but it will be sometime after the give him the one unit of platelets.  They still are not here, but when they do get here, they have to transfuse for about 3 hours.  We are kind of guessing it will be around 5ish....just in time for the lovely Houston getting-off-work traffic.

If anything else comes up today, I will post again.  Until then, we are in a holding pattern.


  1. Many prayers for you and your family Susan. God is good and he does provide, sometimes in a most unexpected way.

  2. Ok I'm caught up now on how the camper got there .
    I hope you all are sleeping well after the long days of travel and treatment . The countdown is ON!
    Praying for you all !
    Love Cherilyn and family