Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Last night we ended up taking Marty to the ER here at MD Anderson.  He was running a 102 temperature.  With his immune system gone due to chemo, any fever has to be taken very seriously.  They ended up re-admitting him.  They are pumping him full of antibiotics and they transfused him with 1 unit of platelets and 1 unit of blood last night.  His platelet level last night war 6,000.  This morning they were 8,000.  They gave him more antibiotics this morning and  transfused 1 more unit if blood and are about to transfuse 1 more unit of platelets. 

He is feeling fine, but is really tired and has been sleeping most of the day.  Not sure if it is because of the fever or the late night last night... Maybe a combination of the two.    Fever was down this morning and if he says fever free, then he will be released on Tuesday.  He is getting g the best care and for the most part, he has been doing fantastic.  Still no side effects from the chemo and he still hasn't lost any hair.

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  1. I am a survivor of 18 years from metastatic cancer. I never lost my hair, but I didn't tell my "chemo friends" the truth. Somehow I got by with telling the other chemo patients that I had a really good wig. I got by with this until one day when one of my "chemo friends" grabbed my hair and pulled really hard. I said ouch and then the bald lady yelled......"Dr. Gillam has a full head of hair". This cracked up the whole chemo floor, including the nurses. Humor helped me to survive. Laugh when you can....You will feel better. Get well, Marty!!!

    Dr. David Gillam,