Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sorry I didn't  update the last few days, we don't have internet yet at the camper.  Here are the happenings since Monday.

TUESDAY, 06/10/14 - we spent the day getting settled into the camper.  Not anything major happened.  Wednesday is Marty's first out patient appointment at MD Anderson.  We were worried that his platelet count would be low on Wednesday because he didn't get a platelet or blood transfusion today.  I was able yo flush one of his ports, but the other one was blocked.  Will get it unblocked to borrow at his appointment.  He is still feeling great, so side effects and still no hair loss. 

WEDNESDAY, 06/11/14 - Marty's first out patient appointment.  Left the RV park via shuttle at 7:30 for his 9:30 appointment.  Ate breakfast at the hospital, then upstairs to get blood drawn for labs.  Then we waited for about an hour to get the results.  His blood levels were great and his platelet level was at 5,000.  Not high enough , so he is going to get 1 unit of platelets.  We were happy with 5,000, because we feared it would be much lower because he didn't have any platelets on Tuesday.  Then we went up to infusion therapy to get both of his ports flushed and the one unblocked.  How appointment for the platelet transfusion was at 12, it was nearly 1 before we got called back.  They got the 1 unit of platelets going and I ran down to the cafeteria to get us some lunch.  It was nearly 3  before we were done.  Then we had to wait for the shuttle to come get us at 3:25.  We were back at the RV park by 4.

We layed around and took it easy until our friends Keith and Robert came.  They drove our car down here so we would have a way to get around.  They are some of Marty's ham radio buddies, so they also brought down some of his radio stuff and most of what we need to get the internet hooked up and get him on the radio.  After they got the antenna up, they took us to eat and run a few errands.   We needed to get a table for outside and a zero gravity chair for Marty.  They left around 9:30 to head back to Waco.

THURSDAY, 06/12/14 - no appointment today, so we spent the morning hanging around the camper. I was successfully able to flush both of Marty's ports this morning, yay!!  About 11, we ran a few errands.  Stopped by Michael's craft store so I could get some things to help me pass the time, and then to Walmart for a couple of things.  Stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then back to the camper.  Marty is still feeling great and still no hair loss.  I am so proud of him and his attitude.  He is doing so well and staying positive.  Marty is still working in getting the internet to the camper, so for now I can only update or check email when we go to the Rec Room at the RV Park.  Hoping we will get it going in the camper soon.  Tomorrow, Marty has his 2nd out patient appointment, so we will be busy most of the day with that.


  1. Yall look great. He's a tough guy. And so are you sweetie. Praying everyday. Love yall. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’—

  2. Hey Marty! W5VIC here. You're looking great my friend! Hang in there!

    I just saw this website in Leon's update emails, so I'll be checking back more frequently.

    I know you're curious, and the Domestic Administrator has given me clearance to release this:

    IT'S A BOY!

    Talk to you soon, pal.