Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sorry so late in getting an update, been a busy morning.  We got up around 7 am.  His platelet level was back down to 1,000.  He had his first round of chemo last night and so far has had no adverse effects.  He is still feeling great.  I ran all over the hospital today trying to round up all the paperwork we need for the financial assistance forms.  Also did laundry.  I'm exhausted, but Marty is feeling great :-)

They moved us into a new room just a bit ago, which I am excited about.  It has a bathroom and a REAL bed for me.  I can take showers again!!!  And I'm no longer sleeping on a chair bed.  I do believe that I will sleep like a baby tonight!

Marty should be starting his second round of chemo around 6 tonight.  Please keep him in your prayers as we are praying he will continue to avoid the nasty side effects.

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