Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sorry no update for the last bit, it's been a busy few weeks!  Nothing really has changed.  Marty finished up his 2nd round of chemo and is doing well.  We are back to doing outpatient visits 3 times a week.  When we are at MD Anderson for those visits, we spend pretty  much all day there.  It's tiring.  When we get home, we pretty much just eat and then go to bed...maybe watch a little TV.

This past Tuesday, my parents brought the boys to see us.  We had a wonderful visit, but it's always so bittersweet when they go home.  We miss them so much!  I am praying that we can be a family again soon.

As usual, money is tight.  We are trying to conserve what we have, but everything is SO expensive in Houston.  Gas, groceries, taxis, electricity for the RV, lot rent at the RV park, etc.  Not to mention trying to keep up with our bills at home, electricity, water, and car insurance.  We are trying to keep the electricity and water on at our house because it's cheaper to pay the minimum than to have them turned off and have to pay again to get them turned back on.  We have applied for disability and medicaid, but it could be several more months  before we hear anything back from them.  Until then we are without any income and we have yet to hear back from the financial aid office at MD Anderson, so we still don't know if we qualify for financial aid through them.  Our hospital bills are rapidly approaching $1 million.  Very scary for us, but we are walking by faith and I know that God will provide for our needs.

Marty at the Stem Cell Office at MD Anderson
Today we went to see the stem cell transplant doctor.  We won't know anything really about his transplant until we get his bone marrow biopsies back.  Those are scheduled around day 21 (about July 31st) and day 28 (about August 7).  We are praying that he will be in remission.  Unfortunately his chromosomes have the least desirable damage and so there is a real chance that he will need several more rounds of "induction" chemo, which means we may have to be in Houston for a longer length of time.  We honestly won't know until after the bone marrow biopsies come back.  Everything hinges on those results.  Plus they will not move forward on the stem cell transplant until we have the finances figured out.  So, if medicaid or the financial aid through MD Anderson doesn't get approved, we are not sure if he will be able to get the transplant.  The doctors are telling us that he will not have a cure without the transplant.
Marty and I waiting for his tranfusion on Wednesday.

I do have a couple of prayer requests:
  1. For Marty's bone marrow biopsies to come back showing he is in remission and for him to lick leukemia.
  2. For financial aid to come approved (either medicaid or through MD Anderson, or both--which would be ideal and medicaid doesn't always cover everything).
  3. For financial aid to pay our bills and provide the other things we need until disability kicks in (if we qualify).
  4. For us to be approved for disability and medicaid.
  5. For a larger RV so that Riley can move down here with us.  My parent's 19 foot RV is a tight fit with just the 2 of us, especially living in it full time and on a small RV park lont.  We are praying for a way to purchase a 30-35 foot RV with a slide out in the living area.  This will allow us some living space and room for Riley to be with us here in Houston if we do end up having to live in Houston for an extended length of time.
  6. Pray for Colt & Riley.  They are doing well with my parents but they are homesick, especially Riley.  Colt will most likely be living with my parents for an extended length of time.  They are helping him to get into college and he is looking for a job down there. 
We got to see out boys on Tuesday!!!
Well, that is about all for now.  I will try to update whenever I can.  Here are Marty's levels from this week:

Monday, July 21, 2014
  • White Blood Cells - 0.1 (normal is 4.0-11.0)
  • Hemoglobin - 8.4  (normal is 14.0-18.0)
  • Platelets - 1,000 (normal is 140,000 - 440,000)
  • He had to have 1 unit of platelets transfused
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
  • White Blood Cells - 0.0 (normal is 4.0-11.0)
  • Hemoglobin - 7.5  (normal is 14.0-18.0)
  • Platelets - 4,000 (normal is 140,000 - 440,000)
  • he had to have 2 units of blood and 1 unit of platelets transfused. 
Friday, July 25, 2014
  • White Blood Cells - 0.10normal is 4.0-11.0)
  • Hemoglobin - 8.4  (normal is 14.0-18.0)
  • Platelets - 11,000 (normal is 140,000 - 440,000)
  • he had to have 1 unit of blood and 1 unit of platelets transfused. 
Here are some photos from the past week
Picnic lunch, out usual to save money instead of eating in the hospital cafeteria.

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  1. Praying for you all!! From the bottom of my heart!! Kelly Hunt