Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2013

I will update this post as more information comes in.  Newest updates at the top.

8:30 pm
We are still in the ER.  His temperature is still over 100, so they have given him some more Tylenol.  So far, he has received 1 bag of platelets and 1 bag of blood.  There is a second bag of blood waiting for his temperature to go down.  Once it's down, they will give it to him.  He has slept all day and hasn't felt like eating anything.  His heart rate and blood pressure have gone up finally, due to saline IV and the transfusions of blood and platelets.  His breathing is still really shallow and labored.  No results yet on any of the tests, so we still don't now what has caused the fever and we haven't heard any more about the possibility of clotting in his lungs.  They will move him up to a room as soon as one becomes available.  The ER here is packed, all the rooms are full and they have patients in the hallways (moving them into ER rooms as they become available).  Pray for the best and that they can get us up into a room soon!

3:10 pm
ER doctor just came in and she is ordering a CT of his lungs.  There may be a possibility that there is some clotting in his lungs.  Which would explain the shallow breathing, low blood pressure and high heart rate.  Prayers appreciated!

2:14 pm
His temperature is still up to 103.  Heart rate 115, blood pressure is 86/48.  Here are his levels in so far:
  • White Blood Cells - ?? (normal is 4.0-11.0)
  • Hemoglobin - 7.4  (normal is 14.0-18.0)
  • Platelets - 1,000 (normal is 140,000 - 440,000)
  • he will be getting transfusions of platelets and blood

1:30 pm
Marty is still really weak and is sleeping a lot.  No appetite.  His blood pressure is still low (97/58) and his heart rate is still high, 124.  His breathing is a bit labored.  They have started him on IV antibiotics and saline.  He's actually on a couple of different IV antibiotics.  Temperature down slightly.  They just gave him Tylenol. They have drawn blood and are doing tests to see what is going on.  He has also already had a chest x-ray.  They will also be doing a CT scan on his sinuses in a little bit.  We are still in the ER, but he will be admitted, they are just waiting for some test results to back to know where they are going to admit him.

12:00 pm
In ER with Marty Godfrey with 104 temperature. He was so weak and dizzy we had to put him in a wheelchair. Blood pressure 99/60! Extremely weak, sleepy, and tired. He has fallen asleep in the wheelchair while we are waiting. This is the worst I've seen him and it is very scary!

10:00 am
We need some really serious prayer! Taking Marty to ER right now with 104 temp. Also, about our medical aid and for a larger RV to live in. Some things came up today and we are going to need the extra room for Riley sooner than we thought. We won't qualify for medicaid unless he is living with us.

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