Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I will update this post throughout the day.  Newest info at top.

12:00 AM
Marty is doing MUCH better!  His fever has been gone since around 3 pm yesterday afternoon.  They did discover the cause of the infection and it is an infection in his blood.  The infection was caused by Alpha Hemolytic Strep.  He may also have a secondary infection, probably pneumonia in his lungs.  His heart rate in nearing normal range, blood pressure back to normal, and his breathing is much better.  They are still not sure if the picc line was the source of the infection, but they removed it as a precaution.  He was transfused 1 bag of platelets and 1 bag of blood, he is about to get a second transfusion of blood in just a bit.  He actually felt well enough to eat dinner, the first real food he's had since Sunday night.  He has been up and around more today and has been awake most of the day.  The doctors say that it will take several days for the infection to clear up, so we are looking at going back to the RV early next week (I predicting on Monday, but I could be  If he remains fever free through the night, it looks like we may be in the clear for him to start healing. 

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  1. Marty, I can't believe you were texting with me about building antennas while you were this sick yesterday. You crazy guy! Get well soon. I'll be in the area in the next couple weeks to visit.