Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I will update this post through out the day.  Newest updates are at the top.

6:30 pm
The nurse just came in and the blood cultures are back.  The blood cultures are showing a growth of gram positive cocci and there is still a possibility that he has a touch of pneumonia.  They will be removing is Picc line (Peripherally inserted central catheter) as the blood drawn for the blood culture was from his Picc line (it may be the source).  His fever was down for about an hour and they called to get blood from the blood bank, but he was running fever again before the blood could be transfused.  He is having bad chills and still is breathing shallow and labored.  On a positive note, I did finally get him to eat something.  Wasn't a lot, just a couple of small bowls of cantaloupe and a yogurt,  but it was some nourishment.  Once they remove the Picc line, they will have to go back to regular IVs in the arm, most likely an IV in each arm.  Not sure when or if they will replace the Picc line, which is the normal way that chemo is administered.  At least we are starting to get some answers.  Marty is going on 36 hours with a temperature of anywhere from 99-104--he has mostly stayed in the 102-104 range.  He is one sick fella.  Prayers are really needed!

3:15 pm
Still no news on what is causing the fever.  They are suspecting pneumonia.  I ran back to the RV for a couple of hours to get some things packed up for our hospital stay.  Also went to the grocery store to pick up some shelf-stable food for me.  Eating at the hospital is very expensive, and honestly, we are really having to conserve our money, as it is nearly gone.  I picked up some soup and things like that so I could eat cheaper than the hospital cafeteria.  Marty's food is included in the cost of his room, I have to pay cash.  So, soup it is!  Marty has been sleeping most of the day, although he was up in a chair awake when I got back from the RV.  While I was gone they irrigated his sinuses (which caused him to have a headache and to be sick at his stomach) and they gave him a breathing treatment.  They also have him on oxygen and lots of IV antibiotics.  Until they can get the fever down, they cannot give him any blood products, which he really needs.  His breathing is still shallow and  labored.  He doesn't sound well at all.  He is still extremely weak and tires easy.  He hasn't had anything to eat today at all, and he didn't eat yesterday either.  I have the diffuser up here with doTERRA's Breathe running in it, and I think it's helping quite a bit.  It's still a pretty scary situation, especially because they can't get his fever low enough to give him the blood and platelets that he needs.  Please continue to pray.

9:00 am

My poor sick fella!
We finally got into a room last n  light around 10:30.  It was a pretty rough night, people in and out all night.  Marty has run fever all night and is still at 102 today.  The blood cultures aren't back yet and it seems that they have ruled out clotting in his lungs.  The chest x-ray showed some nodules on his lungs which they think may be pneumonia.  They continue trying to get his fever down, as they can't give him blood products when his fever is up.  Right now his hemoglobin is 7.6 and platelet count was 3,000 (if I am remembering correctly).  So he is in need of both blood and platelets. Right now we don't have any concrete answers for what is behind this fever, but it is still pretty serious.  He slept all day yesterday and didn't eat any thing.  So far today, that seems to be the trend as well.  We are in room P710, which is not in the Leukemia area.  The doctor came this morning and told us that they will most likely be moving us to one of the Leukemia area as soon as a room becomes available. 

This may be  my bed for the duration of this stay at #MDAnderson , which could be as long as 5 or more days. I must really love this fella to endure that back breaker!

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