Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Marty is still doing well.  He had his last dose of chemo last night and we will be going back to the RV sometime today.  You know how it is with hospitals---it takes FOREVER for them to release you, so it will probably be after lunch or later before we actually get out of here.  But, I've got everything packed and ready to go!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the RV and got it all cleaned up and ready for us to come home.  Marty's immune system will be down again from this chemo and so he is easily susceptible to germs and viruses.  So I cleaned all the surfaces really well and left 2 diffusers going with OnGuard to help kill off any little "buggies" floating around.

Tomorrow we get to rest up from the hospital and then on Thursday, we begin outpatient visits to the hospital 3 days a week for labs, test result review, and transfusions (as needed).

Anyway, here are today's lab counts:
  • white blood cell - 3.3, down from 4.4 yesterday (normal is 4.0-11.0)
  • hemoglobin - 9.2, down from 9.5 yesterday (normal is 14.0-18.0)
  • platelets - 3,000, down from 5,000 yesterday (normal is 140,000- 440,000)
  • glucose - 218, up from 160 yesterday (normal is 70-110).  His glucose level is going up because of the steroids they are giving him.
  • He will not be receiving any platelets or blood today.
Don't forget to check out the Facebook page for Marty's Cancer Treatment Fund.  There you will find all the latest about how you can help us raise the funds we need for all the expenses that have accrued from his treatment.   You can also make a donation by clicking on the donate link in the sidebar.  This has been an extreme hardship for us, as we currently have no income coming in.  Every little bit helps!

Current Fundraisers:

Somebody is excited that I brought him Freebirds for lunch.

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