Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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10:15 am
Infectious disease doctor just came in.  They are thinking he has an infection in his blood and a secondary infection in  his lungs.  His fever is spiking again and so is his heart rate.  Things are looking more serious.  They are testing his blood again and he may be moved to ICU if they can't get the infection(s) under control.  They have him on tons of antibiotics, antifungals, and pretty much any "anti" they think will help.  He was doing so well this morning, but he seems to be taking a turn for the worse again.  He now has a pretty bad cough and his breathing is still shallow and labored.  Lots of prayer for his healing!

8:15 am
Marty's fever broke last night!  Around 1 am, they put ice bags under his arms and his head and it finally broke around 2 am.  They were finally able to get 1 bag of platelets and 1 bag of blood in him last night.  This morning he is still fever free and feeling well.  He is still weak and his breathing is still a bit shallow and labored, but his color is much better and he's awake and talking.  Seems to be feeling pretty good.  We are going to be ordering him some breakfast in just a bit, he actually seems to have an appetite this morning..  Praying his fever continues to stay down.

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  1. Your whole family are in our prayers and thoughts !!!