Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

Today is Marty and my 24th wedding anniversary.  All those years ago, at age 21, I took the vows to love and honor in sickness or health. At the time, at age 21, I don't think it crossed my mind that sickness could be something more than the  I was so naive.  But after 24 years of marriage, my love and respect for Marty has only deepened.  We have walked through so much together in our marriage.   We have stood by each other through the loss of 2 babies, Daniel and Gabriel.  Through a LOT of lean times and money issues, through Riley's medical issues at birth, through all the issues we had with Colt, through the loss of our home from a fire and now through his fight with leukemia.  For  many people, all of what we have been through would have destroyed their marriage, but for us, it has only strengthened it.  So, here's looking to 24 more years (or more!) of marriage.  I'm looking forward to spending our 24th anniversary together and you better tell those doctors to release you today or else (LOL!).  I love you Marty!!

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