Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sorry I haven't updated since Thursday, but some exciting things have been going on and I have crawled into my bed dead on my feet each night since then.  First of all, Marty is doing wonderfully well.  He is feeling great, his fever is gone, and the infection is gone as well.  It is looking like he will be coming home tomorrow (our 24th wedding anniversary!).

So, now that I have you wondering about the exciting things going on, I might as well tell you (GRIN!).  My parent's took out a loan (plus a donation from my brother-in-law) and came down here with the boys on Friday.  We were looking for used, larger RVs, specifically FEMA trailers.  God really blessed us, because the first few we looked at were really rough/scary looking, but they were all that seemed to be in our price range.  I was dreading the thought of having to live in one of them--they were truly AWFUL!  Then the sales person told us about another one, that was slightly more than we had.  We looked at it and it was WONDERFUL!  We talked to the manager and they agreed to sell it to us for the amount my parents had had, because they were paying cash and because of our situation.  Before signing the papers,  my Dad was looking at it, he realized that it didn't have holding tanks on it like the sales person said they did.  So, he talked to the manager again, and he knocked down the price!  That was certainly a GOD THING!!  We are so blessed by my parents and all that they do for us.  Now, this loan that they took is an added burden for them, so if anyone would like to put some money towards the RV to help, please email me at or you can make a donation by clicking the button in the sidebar.  Any little bit would be a blessing.

Now, we just need to come up with the money for the lot rent and electricity at the RV park on August 8th, and money for gas, groceries, and expenses for the month.  But I know that the Lord will provide!  Look what He's done so far!!

All weekend we have been working hard on cleaning the new (to us) RV, so it will be clean and sanitary for Marty to come "home" to.  Then moving everything from my parent's RV to this one and lots of running around getting things to get the trailer livable and for storage inside the trailer.  Plus, we spent Saturday afternoon with my cousin Jennie.  She took us all out to eat at the Rainforest Cafe in the Galleria Mall.  Then she took Riley to the Lego store and made his day by buying him a Lego set.  He was so excited he could hardly make it home to open it!

My parents stayed all weekend and left this morning with Colt to go back to Kempner.  Going to miss Colt a bunch, he was SUCH a big help this weekend!  I am so proud of the man he is becoming!

The other exciting news is that because we now have a bigger RV, Riley is now back with us full time!  This is the first time since May that we've been together with him and we are all so thrilled.  We certainly miss Colt thought, but at 21, it's time that he starts having some independence.  My parents are getting him signed up for college there in Killeen and he is working on finding a job. 

God is certainly moving mountains for us and my faith has been strengthened time-and-time again during this whole situation.  We are so absolutely blessed and I'm excited to see what He has in store for us in the days to come.  In everything give thanks, and we are sending thanks up daily!

So, do you want to see pictures of our new home?  It's a 30 or 32 foot FEMA RV (I can't remember which!).

One side of the bathroom.  As you can see there is a full size toilet, which is normal for FEMA trailers.  We have to replace the lid to the tank and the toilet seat.  WE also had to add the mirror.

The other side of the bathroom.  There is a tub shower combo.  The tub is a bit bigger than the one in my parent's RV, by the shower stall roof is a little shorter.  Marty and I both will have to sit to shower, so we bought a stool to use in there.

Beside the bathroom there are a set of bunk beds.  Riley will sleep on the top bunk and his toys and things are on the bottom bunk.  We took the bottom bunk mattress off and he has a nice little nook (he calls it his play cave).

On the back of the bathroom door, we put a hanging shoe bag.  Across from the bunks there is a cabinet with drawers underneath for storage.

Here is the dinette.  It folds down into a bed if we were to need it and there is storage under the seats and above.

This is our couch.  It folds down into a bed if we were to need it and there is storage under the seat and above.

Another advantage of a FEMA trailer is that then come with a full sized refrigerator!!  To the left is a pantry (LOVE THAT!!)

There is a little cabinet behind the dinette where a little TV can sit, and it provides a bit more storage.

Here is  my kitchen :)  Storage below the stove/oven and the sink, as well as storage above the sink.  A small work space to the left of the sink.  To the right of the sink is the sliding door that goes into our bedroom.

One side of the bedroom.  There is a hanging "closet" on each side of the bed.  Underneath each of the hanging "closets" there is a night stand with a counter on top and a cabinet below.  There is storage all across the top of the bed.

The other side of the bed.  In the top left of the photo, there is a little shelf to set a fan and a diffuser.  The space for the the bed is suppose to be for a full sized bed.  But the sales person at the RV place told us it was a queen.  So we bought a queen sized mattress only to discover it was a space for a full sized bed.  Luckily it fits okay (as we really need a queen for the length), but you can't walk around the foot of the bed.  So whoever sleeps on the far side has to climb over.  But there is also storage under the bed...if we can get enough room to open!

 So that's a little tour of the new Casa Godfrey :)  Now to get Marty home from the hospital!!!    The next step is for Marty is to have a couple of bone marrow aspirations to see what the status is on his Leukemia.  We are praying that he is in remission, because until he gets into remission, we can't move on to the next step of his treatment.  Please continue to lift us up in prayer, we need as many as we can get!

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