Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Last night we had to take Marty to the emergency room again.  He started running a 102 fever around 9 pm.  Riley and I stayed with him in the ER until about 12 am and then we came home so Riley could go to bed. 

We saw Marty for about 30 minutes today. He's on a floor where Riley can't be except in the family room. It was a short visit because he had to have his bone marrow biopsy and blood and platelet transfusions. He has to be in his room/floor for those things and Riley can't go to the room or the floor, just the family room. 

Marty seems to be feeling okay, no fever since last night.  We are hoping he will be able to come home Saturday or Sunday.  Still don't know what caused the fever this time.

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